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Banjara wanderlust bag

$85.00 USD

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This beautiful bag is made out of Vintage embroider patch work pieces patched up with cross stitches and embellishments with exclusive design made with Recycled fabric. 
The fabric is then made into a modern day clutch which is trendy, glamorous and spacious. 
The exclusive design, the embroidery is mostly cotton threads mirrors and various kinds of traditional hand stitches. All the embroidery is hand done. 
Bag has REAL VINTAGE INDIAN COINS... an extraordinary feature makes this bag a must have, inside of the bag has one pocket to keep your change or cards and a medium sized compartment to hold cell phones, keys etc. It is also an authentic hand embroidered bag from the tribal nomads of Gujarat and Rajasthan called Banjaras. These Unique bags are made from Authentic Rabari and Banjara textiles which are quite old and may show a bit signs of wear and tear. But that adds to their ethnic appeal! Both sides of the bag are different and unique. We have taken picture of both sides; it is lined with cotton. <3

A MUST HAVE! One of a kind <3

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